The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it in your back pocket.

Digital marketing is doing marketing using electronic media or we can say marketing through internet. Most of the people these days are transitioning to digital marketing from traditional marketing because of the value they are getting in it.

Moreover it helps you to target global audience that is very cost effective and once your social media platform like facebook and instagram grows than you dont have to put a lot of money in it.

You can get user stats from almost all of the social media platform that shows how a user interact with things online and how your marketing campaigns has performed on the basis of which you can plan your digital marketing strategy for future and decide where to put money on.


Benefits Of digital marketing

  • Laser eye targeting on the basis of analytics provided by a specific platform.
  • Allows you to target global audience.
  • More reach in low price.
  • Track campaigns and decide which one to stop and where to put more money.

Digital Marketing In Peshawar

Peshawar is known as heart of kpk, from food to clothing you will see every type of business operating here generation millions of revenue each month but they are not leveraging the benefits of digital marketing and still using the conventional ways of reaching out to their customers by putting banners or billboards or by making brochures.

Still we see a lot of banners, or get a brochure from a boy walking on streets which works in one way but with that much investment or little more you can market to targeted people who have similar interests to your business and chances are they will buy.

Biggest problem in peshawar is making your client understand that how digital marketing can benefit their business and unlock their business full potential. They are willing to spend alot of money on conventional marketing but not willing to spend a penny on making a video or running a couple of social media adds.

Despite of the fact that awareness of digital marketing in peshawar is very less but still some small business are using it and have seen alot of improvement in their revenue. Let me share a case study of leekwall client that went from 1000$ sale a month to 40k$ in just a couple of months.