Have you ever try to create something new in your life, something that is valuable or something that matters? Creativity is a concept that means to create something new and somehow worth a great deal to people. It is among the few special things that have been gifted to humans to bring changes in lifestyle. It can either be a small invention or a gigantic scientific discovery.

Before turning your thoughts in to anything useful you need to be curious and ask yourself about lots of possibilities with a single question of what if?

Designers, writers, scientists or entrepreneurs or any kind of creative people go through stage of logical decision making. As a fantasy or science fiction writer you can’t ignore powerful premises like “what if” that envisions a new concept in society. For example you ask what if the monkeys were the dominant species on earth? Or what if the planet earth is struck by a giant meteorite?  The writers answer it with thousands of words which results with a good story.



In the same way as an entrepreneur you can alter a giant problem with a single “what if” in to a great business idea. This can put forward lots of challenges and ways to solve them in a good manner. You figure out multiple plans and ask yourself what if I execute plan A, B or C and what could be the outcome of them.

How what if is related to psychology of reasoning

Broadly speaking the psychology of reasoning is a process that can be defined as such actions that one can draw conclusions to make decisions and solve problems. “What if” falls in the same category in which one solve their problems through logic and concepts. It drives your mind in to an unconstrained state where you force your thoughts in to a direction. What if is a hypothetical question that can turn into a fun conversation starter or even a game.


 “What if” plays an important role in your decision making  

Decision making is the important part of everything because your next move depends on it.  So  it shouldn’t be done without a proper brainstorming. Whether you are making a decision for your business or making an important invention. It need your unbridled thoughts like what if I make a certain decision and could be the outcome of that.

Have you ever tried your own “what if”?

Many of us plough through lots of what ifs in our daily lives but only few of us try to answer them. . It doesn’t have to work only with your intellectuality but your daily routine work or conversations as well. Like you ask your friend what if all the oceans dried up?, What if the robots take over the world? So questions like these could turn into a creative discussion.

So whoever you are and whatever your job is you should try your own what ifs in life and see how much it helps you with new ideas and innovations.