Great Success comes with great people

We help you discover what your customer think and feel 

e are your proven digital marketing partners in Pakistan.

Ready To Make an Impact?

 leekwall is the Only digital marketing firm in Peshawar, where there is no limitation on your creativity and useful thoughts that can bring something up to develop a great impact on our local society. We give you a
chance to invoke your creativity and innovative skills that are really impactful.

Our Mission

We will build a digital Peshawar for the local businesses to grow their revenue
stream through implementation of technology.

Making an Impact

Join our team to solve the most challenging solutions at Leekwall that yields impactful results.

Company Culture

Giving a fancy look to our company doesn’t matter to us. What’s more important is the respect of employees and clients that our company stands for.


Paid Internships:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Social Media
  • Photographers

Apply before: 25th Oct 2019

UnPaid Internships:

    • Graphic Designers
    • Writer
    • Photographers
    • Digital Marketing
    • Seo

Apply before: 13th Sep 2019

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